Can’t Keep Johnny Down

Video created for a competition for my favourite band, They Might Be Giants. I made it in about two and a half to three weeks — from sketching ideas, to gathering materials, to constructing models and such, to filming, to editing and rendering. As you can see, I’ve extended the art-project-ness of it by creating some ‘promotional images’ as well. They are large and wallpaper-able.

The video was created with the generous help of my friend Rebecca Clements, who also took the photo below…

The gallery below includes the promotional images, plus three choice screenshots from the video (in full HD), and nine ‘behind the scenes’ sort of photos I took in a half-arsed attempt to document my process. It involved lots of paint, blu-tac, double-sided tape, and bits of coloured cellophane.

2 Replies to “Can’t Keep Johnny Down”

  1. That’s such a neat video clip! They Might be Giants is an awesome band as well, I love their “courage the cowardly dog” video!

    Also, congrats on your website! It’s superb!



  2. I think you are a god and so do my childerens. One of them calls you pantry after a strange trip in your van.

    What happened with the competition? I suppose you would have said if your entry was successful.

    Please work harder and make more stuff because I wish to be entertained.


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