Dark Horse Presents #2

Dark Horse Presents issue #2 is now out in the wide world, available for legitimate monetary purchase or grubby-fingered browsing at all good comic shops, and probably most of the shit ones too. It features an eight-page comic by me, never seen before by mortal eyes and in sexy full colour, and featuring this little bastard:


THE WRAITH™ is back — and he’s back! Thrill yourself at the all-new, full-colour… oh, I said that shit already, didn’t I.

Dark Horse Presents issue #2 looks like either one of these. Personally I prefer the motorbike lady.

"ADAMS'S"... oh dear.

Also, THE WRAITH™ has top billing on the back cover, which is kind of rad. Especially if someone makes a mistake and shelves all the books facing down.

BUY OR LOOK AT NOW, and email the editors saying, “Heck, fellas, that Patrick Alexander sure is a hot dog. More of that shit, bitches! Yowza!”

2 Replies to “Dark Horse Presents #2”

  1. Will certainly be checking this out!

    (ps do more Raymondo gogogo)


  2. Cool stuff, I don’t look at your site for a while and then you’re in motorbike lady presents themed comics. That’s awesome, I will definitely pick this up and email those editor bitches. Also that Neil Adams looks like a pretty crazy weird dude.


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