My comics websites are down

I know, I know! They have been for some months. I accidentally updated the PHP version and broke them — they were running on a very old, very simple gallery script that I liked. Oops. As compensation, here is a new Pink Chickens drawing:

Ooh, it's the gang from Pink Chickens, all shiny and colourful

I’m tired of messing about with websites, so what I’m thinking of doing is compiling these old comics into some PDFs and putting them on gumroad, so you can read them that way. Sound good? Let me know! Leave a comment here, or on instagram, or talk to me on twitter — you know, the internet!

One Reply to “My comics websites are down”

  1. Yes please….dear gawd pwease…. i remembered your comics earlier today and i want to read raymondo person and those EEGRA comics again.

    your comics meant a lot to me and the humor resonated with me back back in the day. can’t remember if i was 14 or 18 but i was still in school. You and a few other webcomics made me dream about being a comic artist as well some day.


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