Sound Club Sweet

Enjoy cute tune!
Use in your videogame!
Neko and wan-wan, hello!


Maybe not exactly a chiptune album, but a chiptune album in spirit. Cute, beep-boop-videogamey tunes that tell a story, possibly about the kitty and the doggie on the cover, but that’s up to you.

If you’re not downloading the .ZIP already… have a listen!

01 – Cooperation

02 – Daydreaming – with Rebecca Clements

03 – Where are we?

04 – Wandering and Wondering

05 – Everything Fits Together

06 – Death

07 – Mr Fun

08 – Für Rebecca

09 – Collaboration and Friendship – with Rebecca Clements

10 – Ready for Anything


12 – The Journey Home

I wouldn’t mind terribly at all if the music of Sound Club Sweet compelled you, through tears of joy, to pay for it. If you enjoy it; if you find yourself listening to it more than almost never, please consider making a PayPal donation. (I suggest $5.00, but whatever’s good for you.) There’s absolutely no obligation, but it does help me to pay the bills and devote time to more entertaining projects like this one. Thank you!

Sound Club Sweet began in November 2009 as a handful of tunes created for the ‘assemblee’ competition. I just created some music and threw it out there, for anyone to use in his or her game. In the same spirit, you are welcome and encouraged to use the music of Sound Club Sweet in your videogame, or any other project. Please ask for my permission first, but don’t worry — I’ll probably say yes. ‘Looping’ versions of all the tunes are available here: [ DOWNLOAD .ZIP (17 MB) ]

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Thank you! Have a cute time with Sound Club Sweet.

— Patrick Alexander (パッチ)

10 Replies to “Sound Club Sweet”

  1. Where are we? reminds me of and the Lemmings PC soundtrack. Sampled animals are the best.


  2. Patrick this thing is on my desktop being all wallpapery and wonderful, and the music is annoying my family with its cheerfulness and my refusal to wear headphones.



  3. Ridiculously cute album cover and music for someone who draws dicks into a lot of his comics. Great job!


  4. Great job!
    It has like they might be giants taste.

    I put on your web address and photo on my blog, is it OK for you?



  5. OMG SOUND CLUB FOR WINDOWS! I made my first tracks in that thing! ROCK ON!


  6. […] excellent collection of webcomics, by the way), and I strongly advise you to download it, as well!Sound Club Sweet by Patrick AlexanderCute and cheerful chiptunes-esque music. I listened to it all day yesterday and it filled my heart […]


  7. I could spend hours exploring your funnys..
    I have a joke for you…
    What does the dyslexic rooster say?


  8. Do doodle a cock!


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