When I was 12 or 13 years old, I got my first professional job as a cartoonist, drawing, would you believe, editorial cartoons for the local paper, in the tiny West Australian town I grew up in.

Since then I have done some other shit. Like these!

Hilarity Comics

2009 – Present

Dumb jokes for smart people.


Raymondo Person

2004 – Present

Raymondo Person is whimsical, philosophical, beautiful, and full of poo jokes. It is all about a little man and his little friends and the things they do and/or have done to them. It is the best; it is the funniest — ask anyone.




A 24-hour comic from Dimension XQXON.


EEGRA Hilarity Comics

2007 – 2009 (?)

Comics about videogames, or, perhaps, comics not about videogames, but videogames are specifically what they are not about. I suppose they are comics that are about not being about videogames. Look — they are very funny and you should read them.


Mr Fuzzywhee


A 24-hour comic. Funny and sad and a little bit creepy!


Tobias & Jube

2002 – 2003
(Plus a special comic from 2005/6)

A comic for children; serialised in Mania magazine. Two blobby friends have adventures, or failing that, share awkward silences. Mania received only one complaint about Tobias & Jube, and that was from a TOTAL LOONY!


Pink Chickens

2001 – 2002

A comic for children; serialised in Mania magazine. Join Dolly and Mustard on their wacky adventures in wacky space; WACKY WACKY WACKY. I’m still very proud of Pink Chickens, but I wish I hadn’t spoiled it by trying too hard to be SOOO CRAZY all the time. Mind you — the readers loved it!