by Patrick Alexander
November 2006

DOWNLOAD version 1.03 (11 MB)

Made in Game Maker – for Windows only

Chu-Chi is a colourful, music-based scrolling shooter — sort of half-toy, half-game. I wanted to capture that old feeling of discovering a strange game on an unmarked floppy disk: You don’t know what it is, where it came from, or how it works, but it’s fun just playing around and figuring it out.

In hindsight, I’m fully aware that Chu-Chi is less fun than it could be, and more frustrating. My intention was to make an easy, easy, fun game, but it’s actually quite time-consuming and tedious to beat either of the levels. It’s best to forget about beating Chu-Chi and approach it as a sort of musical toy.

Despite its flaws, I’m very proud of Chu-Chi: It took most of a year to make, and there are some really worthwhile ideas in it. The concept is solid — just a bit lofty and complex for my first game ever. Next time, I’m doing a platformer!

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas (2007)


For a generation (and I’m talkin’ ‘bout my generation) raised on Bart Simpson and the Internet, the word ‘sentimental’ sounds like an insult. Sentiment is for Grandma and Grandpa – it’s an old-fashioned value, to be regarded with suspicion. Well I say, to hell with that.

What are we so afraid of, that we can’t share some warm, sentimental feelings, especially at this time of year? Sentiment doesn’t drop bombs on people or arrest negroes disproportionately. Sentiment is what makes us love our country; sentiment is why, no matter how old we get, no place will ever feel like home quite like Mom and Dad’s. And sentiment is how, for just one day of the year, everyone on Earth can join together and focus on what’s really important: Love, Joy and Family.

This is an album of original songs about just those things. I sang them with all my heart. I know that sounds ‘cheesy’ – and believe me, the music does too! But I hope you can put aside your ‘internet rage’ for a little while, and enjoy some good old-fashioned Holiday tunes. Who knows? You just might find yourself singing along.

You might even find yourself smiling. :)

All the best,

Patrick Alexander
Shizuoka, Japan
Christmas 2007

We Are – One (2000)

One – an albette by We Are

© 2000 Patrick A Reid (Patrick Alexander) and John Gynther

Download .ZIP (28 MB) — MP3s, artwork and PDF notes and lyrics

Side Two

The Director’s Cut
Jam Scones
Chickens In The Farm
The Fury Of The Gods
U Anagram U

Side Three

Welcome Back
Ballet Shoes
The White Mice Will Be Furious
You Have No Excuse
Thirteen Point Four
Potato Party

Thirteen songs written and sung by my teenaged self, and played on instruments by Johnny G. Now with artwork based on the original cassette artwork, and a PDF with all the lyrics!