Murder in Mystery Manor

Insufficient Stories by Patrick Alexander

Murder in Mystery Manor

Someone got killed, right in the guts. “The murderer could be any one of us!” everyone realised. The veneer of genteel respectability, already stretched to breaking point, was stretched even more to breaking point.

“Ma-a-a-a-a-a!” said the famous Inspector Blossom, whose gimmick is that he’s a goat. “I must ask that nobody leave Mystery Manor,” said Dr Edmonton, Inspector Blossom’s interpreter (also a goat).

Inspector Blossom talked to everyone and found lots of clues and then gathered everyone together in the drawing room. “It was Dave!” he said, via his interpreter.

“It’s a fair cop,” said Dave.

“I’m glad he confessed because I ate all the evidence,” thought Inspector Blossom to himself, in goat language.

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