Patrick Alexander’s Enormous and Impressive Doodle Book


I put together a big, fat sketchbook PDF, featuring 190+ pages of doodles, notes, sketches, drawings and miscellany, from 2009-ish to 2012-ish. You can buy it for a single god-fearin’ dollar at gumroad.


  • Raymondo Person wearing hats
  • Phrases of Power and Mystery (incl. MP3)
  • Margin doodles from university
  • Life drawings, too
  • A comic I drew on a box of asian groceries
  • An early, not-yet-Al-Hartley’d version of Charlie in Truth or Dairy
  • More than a few Garfields
  • Weird stuff I can’t explain easily
  • All known things in the cosmos

If you’re a fan of my work, including/especially the dodgy stuff, there’s something in here for you. If you want a better idea of what’s inside, I’m posting some of the contents under this ‘doodle-book’ tag on my tumblr.

Buy that for a dollar.

 EDIT: Now you can buy it from sellfy, too, if you prefer to use paypal.

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