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‘Me on 3′ application

Originally added to YouTube 21/8/2009.

My application video, to be a host on the national broadcaster’s new kids’ channel, ABC3. It had to have a ’3′ in it, if you’re wondering what that’s all about.

I didn’t hear back, so, this application was NOT SUCCESSFUL. I know! Unbelievable.

Thanks to Doug Bayne for camera-doing and good advice.

Extra special thanks to SACKS COFFEE ROASTERS, for letting us take over a corner of the café for a few hours. It is a good café; please visit it and tell them we sent you: 343 King St, Newtown (Sydney).


  • Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass – Little Spanish Flea
  • Capsule – キャンディー キューティー (Candy Cutie)
  • Angelo Badalamenti – Laura Palmer’s Theme (Instrumental) (from Twin Peaks)
  • Naofumi Hataya – Guitar Showdown (from Space Channel 5 part 2)

Exclusive Interview

Originally added to YouTube 12/12/2007.

I filmed this months ago, in summer. I suffered many mosquito bites. For you, I suffered.

Basically, I had this video in my head, so I went and made it. I really like it.

Unchained Bananas

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Originally added to my YouTube channel 29/11/2007; later removed “due to a copyright claim by WMG.” Now it is here, for everyone’s bewilderment, once again.

Why Did You Grow A Beard?

Originally added to YouTube 28/8/2007.

More than any other song in history, ‘Why Did You Grow A Beard?’ by They Might Be Giants best captures that most animal of human emotions: RAGE.

This is a scientific fact and not open for discussion.

This song appears on Cast Your Pod to the Wind, a bonus disc that came with The Else, that is also available on iTunes apparently!

Games Journalism

Added to YouTube 12/10/2008.

In order of appearance:

Games Journalism
Kevin ‘Vinnk’ Tambornino
Patrick ‘Patch’ Alexander
Justin ‘Justin’ Smith

Created for Eegra. See all the Eegra videos created by me and Dan here.

Super Mario Bros. theme on banana

Added to YouTube 22/8/2008.

Patrick plays the World 1-1 music on a banana. Don’t forget to call him a fag in the comments!

Created for Eegra. See all the Eegra videos created by me and Dan here.

Half the viewers called me a fag in the comments; the other half downvoted the comments calling me a fag. Ah, YouTube.

Brian Crecente reviews Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Added to YouTube 21/3/2008.

Special guest Brian Crecente of Kotaku presents an in-depth review of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Created for Eegra. See all the Eegra videos created by me and Dan here.

Tokyo Game Show 2007 wrap-up

Added to YouTube 27/11/2007.

Patrick presents highlights from this year’s Tokyo Game Show. All the hottest games and babes! See what you missed!

Created for Eegra. See all the Eegra videos created by me and Dan here.

This is one of my best videos; not enough people have watched it, I feel.

Sonic loves to dance!

Added to YouTube 27/11/2007.

Sonic the Hedgehog and a very special fan do a happy dance together.

Recorded at Tokyo Game Show 2007.

Created for Eegra. See all the Eegra videos created by me and Dan here.

The music is ‘Activation Theme’ by Bit Shifter, from his Information Chase EP — download it for free!


by Patrick Alexander
November 2006

DOWNLOAD version 1.03 (11 MB)

Made in Game Maker – for Windows only

Chu-Chi is a colourful, music-based scrolling shooter — sort of half-toy, half-game. I wanted to capture that old feeling of discovering a strange game on an unmarked floppy disk: You don’t know what it is, where it came from, or how it works, but it’s fun just playing around and figuring it out.

In hindsight, I’m fully aware that Chu-Chi is less fun than it could be, and more frustrating. My intention was to make an easy, easy, fun game, but it’s actually quite time-consuming and tedious to beat either of the levels. It’s best to forget about beating Chu-Chi and approach it as a sort of musical toy.

Despite its flaws, I’m very proud of Chu-Chi: It took most of a year to make, and there are some really worthwhile ideas in it. The concept is solid — just a bit lofty and complex for my first game ever. Next time, I’m doing a platformer!