Happy New Decade

That’s a nengajou commissioned by my friend Justin in Shizuoka (the city I lived in, in Japan). I was so pleased with it that I asked Justin if I could use it for my own New Year’s emails. Thanks, Justin!

2010 is the year of the tiger, so eat lots of Frosties I guess? Or you could enjoy the Japanese tradition of choking on mochi:

Because of mochi’s extremely sticky texture, there is usually a small number of choking deaths around New Year in Japan, particularly amongst the elderly. The death toll is reported in newspapers in the days after New Year.

It’s a new decade. The year 2000 was ten years ago — what the hell? Where did ten years go? From time to time a young adult will email me and say something like, “I grew up with your comics.” What? What? How is that possible? What does that mean?

Various Illustrations

Everything Says Hello (2009)

This post was originally a portfolio page, but I’ve changed my mind about how to organise such stuff on this website. You can now consider this gallery an overview of the last few years, up ’til the time of posting.

The illustrations below are sampled from both personal and professional work, including a number of commissions for private clients. If you’d like to see more of this sort of thing, visit my deviantART gallery, and/or read some of my webcomics.

YES, OF COURSE Patrick does commissions. Apart from his usual comics and illustrations, he would especially like to design character stationery, and make art for videogames somehow. Just putting that out there.