Oliver Twist

Insufficient Stories by Patrick Alexander

Oliver Twist

Oliver and a hundred other orphans lived in misery. To pass the time, they made Oliver ask Harry Secombe for a second helping of gruel.

“Please sir,” Oliver stammered, meekly proffering his bowl, “can I have some more?”

“More?!” bellowed Harry Secombe, his eyeballs inflated with passion. “Of course you may have more, you poor, weak child! I didn’t realise you were so hungry. Who else would like some more?”

Soon every boy was enjoying a fresh bowl of piping hot gruel. Then there were fat sausages, and creamy mashed potato, and trifle for dessert. Merriment filled the hall, and Harry Secombe’s cheeks were so rosy, and his laughter so jolly, it seemed to the orphans that Father Christmas was among them.

Harry Secombe threw his arms wide. “Parents for everybody!” he cried.

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